The Wanderer

The Wanderer is the most racous tavern in all of Dulwich. It has a reputation as a fine drinking and carousing establishment, and a less fine inn. Its clientele is a good mix of locals who come for the atmosphere and cheap drinks, and travellers who find it due to its name and handy location on the market square in the centre of town.

The tavern is of note for several of its events that it lays on, and the fact that it contains a small backroom shrine to Fharlanghn (one more reason it is popular with travellers). The Wanderer holds weekly ladies' nights (on Earthday) and also holds a weekly bring-your-own-horn night, where patrons can bring their own drinking vessels and have them filled with cheap ale or watered wine for only 2cp (this night, every Moonday, is very popular with the locals).


  1. Vegetable Stew, Mug of Mead (2 cp)
  2. Dried Sausage and Dried Cabbage, Tankard of Cider (12 cp)
  3. Roasted Onion, Mug of Mead (5 cp)
  4. Barley Porridge, Mug of Bitter (2 cp)
  5. Stewed Mutton and Wheat Biscuits, Tankard of Bitter (8 cp)
  6. Pickled Shellfish and Dried Turnip, Tankard of Bitter (11 cp)
  7. Stewed Sausage and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Beer (8 cp)
  8. Wheat Porridge, Mug of Stout (4 cp)


The innkeeper is an overweight female human named Joane, who wlecomes all her patrons with a grin and a loud greeting. She has a good number of staff on hand to ensure the flow of beer and wine is always constant.


The Wanderer is a pair of townhouses either side of a small tavern that have all been knocked toghether to form a larger inn and tavern. The inn rooms are located in the houses, and the common room is on the ground floor of the tavern. Private rooms can be hired on the first floor of the tavern for meets, parties, etc.


The Wanderer

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