The Duchy of Ashlar tells the tale of a small, independent duchy found on the eastern shore of the Flaeness in Greyhawk, north of North Kigdom (old Great Kingdom North Province).

Long a land that attracts adventurers due to its many ruins, tombs, and caverns in the hills, the duchy is also home to Gloamhold, a complex that houses the last redoubt of the Ur-Flan sorcerers. This dungeon is housed in the imposing monolith that is the Mottled Spire, on the headlands of Hard Bay, on the shores of the Solnor Ocean. Many seek to gain entrance to the dungeons of Gloamhold to liberate the treasures and magics found there. Will the adventurers join this treasure hunt, or will they help ensure those lost artifacts stay buried, where they belong?

The Ashlar Saga